our what

Community is where you know you belong.

Healthy societies are made up of active, vibrant communities. For your community to thrive, you need good communication tools and funding. We offer just that.

key benefits

How can your community benefit?

communication is key.

Reaching all your members is just one click away. Centralize your entire communication in your app and get every party engaged.

privacy is a universal right.

We ensure the privacy of your members’ user data. Keep control over your data in our closed communication platform.

An active community is a thriving community.

Having a slick, user-friendly platform might just get you even more engaged members. What better place to be for your sponsors?

a space that feels like home.

Brand and customize your platform according to your needs. What is yours, should feel like yours.

engagement shows, revenue flows.

Dividis gives back. The more your members engage on your platform, the more revenue they generate for your community.

10 Tips on how to engage with your community.

Download your brochure now to discover how to get/keep your community thriving.

key features

What's in the application?

the newsfeed.

Share the hottest news in one central space, reaching everyone all at once. 

a community timeline.

Keep the community interacting on a separate feed. Have them share and comment as they please.

Unlimited groups.

Allow members to join groups which are topic and/or interest related. Each group has its own feed.


Give your members access to your video content. Allow them to relive the moments that matter, watch those infomercials that make the difference.

events and calendar.

Share a perfect overview of all community-related events. Keep track of the rsvp’s.


Give your members a voice through our poll feature. Have them share their vote regarding the most unthinkable topics.


Allow users to chat in the application. Where-else would they turn to?

10 Tips on how to involve your sponsors.

Our brochures fills you in on our vision regarding new way of getting your sponsors the attention they deserve. Win-win for everyone involved!

social media manager

Our all-in-one desktop application.

Manage your most important social media channels all in one place.

Easily create your content in the desktop application.

Post directly to your different timelines, or schedule for a future date.

Analyse your engagement throughout all your timelines in one place.

More than 500 communities and clubs are using our app.

Interested in starting with your own social media app?

Reach out today so we can get you all set up asap!

The current system is no longer working for businesses, people or the environment.

Ellen MacArthur,

Author of Full Circle