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Advertising that really works for everyone.

Consumers expect social responsibility from the companies they buy from, big or small. Find out how you can make a difference.

socially responsible advertising

Advertising that makes a difference.

On the Dividis platform socially responsible advertising is made possible for your commercial messages. While respecting the privacy of our members, we still guarantee your ads reach your desired audience.

Our revenue streams are based on a circular economy model, building social capital. Distributive by design, we generously share our ad profits with those who help generate them.

While we stay focused on our core services, we do invest in giving back to the planet. With each ad campaign, we bring financial support to environmental projects making a difference.

From passive sponsorship to active communication.

The Dividis app is a unique tool which combines excellent advertising tools with an ethical and social approach. Whereas traditional sponsor relationships have a linear character, the Dividis platform allows sponsors, communities and their members to communicate in a circular relationship, through the different features.

Communities as influencers

Communities are entities with influence. The messages they share are perceived as more genuine and authentic than big advertisements. Being endorsed by local communities and local hero’s is essential for your brand to gain in credibility and proximity.

Advertise consciously. Download our brochure.

Discover in depth what the influence of local communities can mean for you as an advertiser and/or sponsor.

We need a more encompassing, integrated and restorative sustainability path that includes people as much as technology and nature.

Michiel Schwarz,

Author of Sustainism is the new Modernism