Dividis, the Unicorn that is boosting the movement.

Communicate smart with your own community and promote the circular economy, these are the mission and the vision of Dividis the next European unicorn.

Aristotle the legendary Greek philosopher said, “Man is by nature a social animal” and even when we don’t communicate at all is a way to communicate with other people, this is the reason why the world of social media is constantly in full swing. Incorporating the best elements from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, a new social network arrives contrasting all the other classics involving chats: it is Dividis. Let’s find out how the new social app works, how to download it and what it allows you to do.

The world of Social Media, as we know, is always in turmoil and in continuous evolution. Only a few months ago the entire planet was speaking about Clubhouse as the new phenomenon in the universe of social networks but, already a few days later, we are talking about a new social app that is attracting the attention of users and investors: it is about Dividis, a brand new social media, born from the desire to communicate with your own community and keep all the money within.

Dividis offers a personalized app where members can find each other and sponsors can have the visibility they deserve thanks to internal marketing automation able to generate income from active members. Dividis is also taking care of the environment, indeed both the revenue from advertisements and Big Data flow back to local communities with hard cash and social projects as planting trees.



The innovative idea of ​​digitally recreating the experience of managing communities, where members can easily connect with each other by using the Friends messenger integrated into the platform, include easily send photos, videos and documents to members and boosting the movement in a socially responsible way.

Jacopo Natali

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