Bali Gastronomy Expedition 2021.

Dividis is the proud partner of the Bali Gastronomy Expedition 2021. Showcasing and protecting ancient culinary knowledge is the flavor of the day.

Bali has a rich culinary culture and some of it comes from the most unexpected places, using the most unusual ingredients. The people of Taro, Tegallalang and Kenderan know this and they have decided to put rural gastronomy and ingredients in the lime light. The new edition of Bali Gastronomy Expedition, hosted in Taro village on the 1st and 2nd May 2021, is showcasing the wondrous superfood Moringa Oliferra and the imaginative ways the local people of this central region have found to cook this incredible plant. Moringa leaf comes from a tree and is a versatile ingredient, used as much in cooking as in traditional medicine, having an amazing number of healing properties.

From soups to stir fries, this incredibly healthy and nutritious leaf provides delicious meals and a health-boost all in one. Traditionally in Bali, each food has a specific story and properties, which are recorded on a ‘lontar’ (palm-leaf manuscript). The cooking techniques and ingredients’ history are very special and differ from village to village. One of the aims of the festival is to showcase and protect this ancient knowledge and, most importantly, make it accessible and interesting for new generations of Balinese, other Indonesians and foreigners.

The Gastronomy festival has set out to celebrate the age-old recipes of the area but also encourage exciting new talent and ideas with the cooking competition. In this spirit of fun and modernity, the festival also has a drinks/food pairing competition, a flair -or cocktail juggling- competition, where talented bartenders can show their tricks and acrobatics, and, finally, a ‘foodtography’ competition.

The participants for each competition will come from local high schools, local academies (like the Venus Tourism Academy, one of the organizers of the event), local villages or just be members of the general public (anyone can join). The first rule of the cooking competition is that the food needs to include Moringa. Participants can cook anything they like as long as it’s got ‘kalor’, as the plant is locally called, in it. Scores will be based on preparation and hygiene, timing and plating, personal creativity and appearance and, of course, taste. The rules and scoring are strict with experts in each field present and overseeing the events.

The Indonesian Chefs Association (ICA Gianyar) will be present and will do a talk show on the uses of Moringa. There will also be an international Chef Exhibition and cooking demo with several big names including Chef Juna, Bp. Mahayastra, Bp. Wayan Warka. The Asian Bartenders Association will also make an appearance. People will be able to buy some of the locally produced ingredients (including moringa leaf) from the market stalls and will also enjoy a traditional dance show. Even the venue will showcase Balinese culture, since the event takes place in the ‘Scared white cow garden’ Taman wisata lembu putih’. Indeed, Taro village is home to the albino cattle, a sacred creature, being as it is Lord Shiva’s mount, whose dung and urine are thought to have healing properties. The village has 46 Albino cattle homed in the Taman Wisata. as well as many cow and Shiva statues.

In order to facilitate communication amongst so many different actors, the festival was happy to team up with Dividis, who provided their app from free. The digital platform is also perfect to show the ‘foodtograhy’ pictures, to have people vote, to safe-keep and make recipes accessible, to show the competition live and many other exciting features. It is also an excellent space for foody advertisers to show off their products, restaurants, cooking classes, etc.; and made all the better since a portion of the profits will go back into financing the next Gastronomy Expedition.

The hope is that this new application can bring together Bali foodies on a wider scale -and why not Indonesian and International ones too -and become the digital platform to promote and showcase rural Balinese cuisine passed on for generations Just as the festival is fast becoming the reference for Balinese Culinary art offline, so should the application offer access to its rich history online from anywhere at any time. BALI GASTRONOMY EXPIDITION 2021Pre event (talk shows and preparation for competition): 26th to the 30th of April 2021.

Public open days and competition: 1st and 2nd May 2021

More info on schedule and location here
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