our why

Communities need good communication and funding. That's where we step in.

By implementing the circular economy, we lead by example, working towards sustainable business models and a healthier planet. Supporting communities is where it all starts.


We envision a world where all communities use a communication platform based on a circular economy.


Our goal is to provide a platform where both communities and businesses can grow and thrive.


Circular economy.

Communities are the pillars of our societies. We want to help them become stronger and more connected. Giving them an all-in-one tool to communicate and interact is our way of contributing to their on-going success.

The existing social media platforms generate huge revenues for large multinationals. Rather than big money flowing out of communities, we have implemented a business model that provides income for the communities too.

local businesses

Social responsibility.

Small businesses are searching for socially responsible ways to advertise their products and services. We offer them the space/platform to do so.

What we deliver.

From white label to custom branded, Dividis provides a slick, customized, user-friendly communication app with a handy all-in-one toolkit.
Sport clubs, schools, non-profit organizations and other communities all over the world are starting to discover the many financial and practical benefits of our services.

Our values.

A circular economy is the only way forward for a sustainable business model.

The profits generated by social media platforms should be shared with the people who generate it.

In supporting the initiatives that are working hard to protect our planet and future.

We urgently need financial, political and social innovations that enable us to overcome this structural dependency on growth.

Kate Raworth,

Author of Doughnut Economics